Quality Fly Testimonial and Review – Ryan Stock Who Received His ATPL in Only 12 months!

Here we have posted an interview with Ryan Stock, a recent student of Quality Fly aviation academy.

One of the wonderful things about Ryan’s experience is that he was able to achieve his ATPL EASA license in only 12 months, from July 2018 to July 2019.  Prior to entering Quality Fly, Ryan had absolutely ZERO experience in aviation.  He was starting completely fresh.  To our knowledge this is the first time anyone has ever achieved an EASA commercial license from ground zero in terms of experience in 12 months.  Normally the training is 16-24 months at other schools, with a few aviation schools such as Quality Fly facilitate students completing the journey in as little as 14 months.  Ryan, however, did it in only 12 months!

Quality Fly, an innovator in aviation training, revamped its training to allow students to achieve milestones such as this.  One of the things that Ryan mentions in this interview is that Quality Fly allowed him to progress at his own pace as he was highly motivated to achieve his pilot’s license as soon as possible.  When he proved that he was able to move to the next step in training, he was allowed to and not held back by arbitrary standards of how fast an individual should progress.  Quality Fly understands that each individual is different and any training program must be tailored appropriately.  Some people simply can absorb the material and training faster than others, and these students are not held back.

At the same time, as also mentioned in the video, Quality Fly is strict on its exam criteria and will not advance students if they are not ready.  It is important for the safety of the student and any passengers they might be flying with that they are truly ready when it is time to take the cockpit.  As a result, Quality Fly has the highest exam pass rate at Cuatro Vientos airport and perhaps all of Spain as Ryan mentions in the video.   He also mentions that at the time of his graduation all of Quality Fly’s past students had job offers as they were well prepared for the workplace.  Airlines appreciate the training that Quality Fly has produced.  All 8 of the student’s in Ryan’s classes had interviews with Volotea Airlines, who Quality Fly has a partnership with.

Why Ryan Chose Quality Fly

One of the big draws for Ryan was being able to fly in Madrid Spain.  The weather is great in the area with close to 300 sunny days per year, allowing one to get more hours of flight in within a shorter period of time.  This is one of the other factors that allows someone to complete an accelerated ATPL program at Quality Fly.  Ryan also mentioned that the lifestyle was good and that the flight school prices were good as well (with Quality Fly being the lowest priced complete ATPL program in all of Europe to our knowledge).

Ryan also found it appealing that Quality Fly allowed him to progress at his own speed, and obviously, he took advantage of that fact by achieving his ATPL license in only 12 months.

Hard Work Pays Off

He did put in a lot of work to get there though.  He spent 10-12 hours a day studying 7 days a week.  That was in addition to the time he spent in the air completing his required flying hours.

Ryan said that he found studying with fellow students in common areas helped him in his progress.  Students in such an environment get to aid each other, and as he mentions, teaching is often one of the most effective ways of learning.

Recommendations for Future Aviation Students

Ryan said the most important thing is to do your homework.  Visit the school.  Go to the Open Days and get to know the instructors and the management team.   Speak with current students check the graduation rate, as well as the percentage of people able to find jobs after training.  Ryan said he would be willing to speak to any students who wanted to ask him questions about Quality Fly in particular.

Juan Cervero