Student With Computer Engineer and Law Degrees Discusses Why He Chose Quality Fly

Below is an interview from another one of our accomplished students, Muhammad Bashir.

Muhammed had a unique path to our flight school, as you will find out by watching the interview. He graduated from high school very early, and always wanted to be a pilot. But his father encouraged him to get some more experience in the world prior to enrolling in flight school and going full speed ahead with the pilot career path. He then went on to get degrees in in both computer engineering and law, making him one of the most well educated students we have had at our school.

He says that he chose to come to Madrid to study because it was a very diverse and cosmopolitan city. It also gave him a chance to learn a new language, Spanish as he already spoke three languages.

One of the things he appreciated about Quality Fly was the diversity of the student body. There were close to 40 different nations represented by his peers at the Quality Fly training facility. This gave him the chance to experience a lot of different cultures.

The Quality Fly Advantages

As to the reasons for choosing Quality Fly, one of the main considerations was the fact the course was given in English despite being located in the Spanish city of Madrid.  He said it was an amazing ground school and that the instructors are very good.  He lived next to the airport which made taking flights convenient, and he also shared living facilities with other students that gave them the opportunity to help each other with motivation and other aspects of the training.

His advice was the EASA licensing program was a great opportunity for people looking to become a pilot.

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