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​Quality Fly Puts Its Students First

​At Quality Fly what matters to us most is that we are creating the best learning environment possible for our students.  We let students proceed through studies at their own pace, allowing them to earn their ATPL credentials in as little as 12 months.  At the same time we adhere to the strictest quality standards to make sure that students are ready to fly before they climb into the cockpit.

We are always looking to improve our learning experience for students, which is the reason that we welcome your suggestions. Current and past students can click on the button above to leave their honest feedback.

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About ​Quality Fly

​Quality Fly is an aviation academy based in Madrid Spain, where the weather is perfect for a beginner to learn how to fly.  It offers flight training focused on ​students desiring to become pilots at commercial airline carriers.  The company works closely with each student to be prepared for the demanding requirements of the modern commercial transportation industry.  Their integrated ATPL course is designed to take new students with little to no flight experience all the way to qualified to earn their EASA commercial pilot's license and fly a commercial jet in as little as 12 months.  All at an inclusive, affordable price of €59,650.

What People Are Saying...



“​​​Spain offered the sun.  Spain offered the good prices.  Spain offered the good lifestyle. I can fly every day of the year, every day pretty much…Quality Fly offered the whole package for me.  Personally, I was able to progress at my own speed once they've given me the overall package. It was down to me to put the work in, in order to finish in 12 months.  I know I can put the work in, so if a school offers me the chance to do it in 12 months…

If you can check on their graduation percentage how many people have a job.  Before me it was 100% graduates have a job, and now eight of us have graduated.  All of us have got interviews lined up.  We've all been interviewed today by Volotea, so you can see that the school is offering a package which is interesting to the airlines.  The airlines want people from our school...

I am more than happy to talk to anyone that wants to get in touch.  I've talked to a few people already who've expressed an interest and shared my experience and said from the horse's mouth, this is what is going to happen.”

​Jonathan Rawson (ATPL Student)  As seen on YouTube.



“​​​The reason why I came to Spain is the 300 days of sunshine a year and the Spanish language.  The fact that Quality Fly operates in Madrid is an advantage because you are in the middle of Spain.  You can fly wherever you want in Spain and you can get anything you want because it is a capital city...

You will enjoy it here in Spain.  We are here like a big family, so many students around the world from Asia, Middle East, from South America, from US, from Russia, from Middle East from Africa...

In Quality Fly the payment solution is well organized, so you pay as you go. You pay monthly.  You pay as you fly.”

​Daniel Skoda (ATPL Graduate)  As seen on YouTube.



“​​Excellent Flight School! I am currently a student at QualityFly- and I really enjoy attending the school. The school has a happy atmosphere and I enjoy going to the school on a daily basis. The curriculum is delivered by experienced instructors who will always be happy to help students if they need it. I have made many friends in the school and feel that I have made a wise choice choosing QualityFly.”

​Jonathan Rawson (ATPL Student)  As seen on Google.



“​​I’m currently an integrated student with Quality Fly, and these are the reasons for my rating. My experience with Quality Fly has overall been very good, the people are very friendly and genuine, they are very approachable, always going out of their way to to help, and the standard of English is very good.The facilities are good and the school are constantly updating them, the aircraft are also in very good condition. The school is situated in Madrid which is very ideal for maintaining a good work/social balance. I would highly recommend Quality Fly for flight training, as I have visited several schools in several countries, who have not been as helpful or efficient.”

​Sanjay Kumar (ATPL Student)  As seen on Google.



“​I'm an ATPL student in Quality Fly and I must say that I've had a great experience here, If you work hard you can get the ATPL quickly and they will always help you in everything you need.”

​Daniel Luis Gómez Adenis (ATPL Student)  As seen on Google.

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